5 Ways to Prepare Your Natural Hair For Spring

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Spring season is here! We are literally days into this spring season and the temperature is already rising to ungodly levels. Every season definitely has its challenges, and for spring, we have to get over the winter cold and dryness and get our hair ready for humid and warmer temperatures, especially with all the fun in the sun. Spring 2019 is here and that means it time to prepare for social events and outdoor activities. Beautiful weather, singing birds, the flowers are in full bloom and this is the perfect time to treat your natural hair. Changes in weather sometimes bring changes to our hair, so it’s important to be prepared for what spring will bring. You’re probably asking, ok “How do I do that.” Well, it’s simple, you can prepare for the spring by doing the following if not all of the things listed below.

It’s time for a trim

Split ends are the most obvious symptom of damage, and if left unchecked can continue splitting and destroy the healthiness of your hair. Inspect your hair for split ends every couple of weeks and either get your hairstylist to touch them up or trim them yourself. Make sure to also give your hair a “feel test” every now and then by running your fingers along the length of a few strands of hair. This can tell you if any breakage has occurred along the strand. The colder months may have wreaked havoc on your natural hair. In order to prepare your natural hair for Spring, you want to revive your curls by getting a fresh trim. If you have split ends that are left untreated, it can travel up your hair strands and cause more damage, which would lead to breakage and less length retention. You want your hair to continue to flourish during the Spring season.

Focus on deep cleansing

deep cleansing natural hair

There is nothing more therapeutic than a deep scalp cleaning. When it’s cold you probably find yourself using heavier oils and creamier products to coat and protect your hair. Don’t let weighed-down hair get you down, spring is the perfect time for to remove build-up on your hair with a clarifying treatment. Sometimes your usual shampoo is not enough to cleanse hair when summer residue is in question. Deep cleansing shampoos are formulated to strip away the grease and dirt in one wash.
Deep cleansing your scalp regularly will help to encourage healthy hair growth and natural oils, exfoliate dead skin cells, and remove all that yucky dry shampoo build-up.

Switch up the products

 products for natural hair
As you continue to prepare your natural hair for Spring, you want to switch out the products you used during the winter, such as:
  • Heavy Creams
  • Thick Oils
  • Butters
You want to focus on using lighter products that will still provide enough moisture for your curls. The last thing you want is your hair to feel weighed down from using heavier/thicker products. It takes time to find products that will work for YOUR natural hair. You will want to consider your hair type and have fun experimenting with specific types of shampoos, conditioners, and sealants to find the right product fit for you! Whether you’re an experienced natural or a new natural, at the end of the day, you have two primary goals as it is related to natural hair products: (1) To find hair products that work for your hair and (2) to use them in the way that’s best for your hair.


Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise!

moisturise natural hair
Breakage. Dryness. Slow growth. Unmanageable hair. These are all issues that can be remedied by properly and consistently moisturising your hair. One thing you should master is how to moisturise natural hair. Understanding your hair, customising your routine, and getting the right products are key to curls that are healthy and juicy. Pick moisturising products that contain nutritive oils when washing and treating your natural hair. There are no spells involved nor any special ingredients really, just a little tweaking of what you are already doing.  A good moisturiser will usually be water based. Avoid products that contain alcohols or synthetic fragrance and preservatives. These compounds can often have an adverse effect on the hair and scalp over time and work against the aims of a moisturiser.

Introduce a protein diet

protein for natural hair
Our hair is made up of over 90 percent of the protein best known as keratin. When our hair gets damaged by normal weathering, chemical treatments, sun exposure, pollution, washing, drying, combing, and styling heat use, it can be only temporarily mended by protein. A protein treatment works by filling in gaps present on your hair strand and forming a temporary bond. Whether you need a protein treatment depends on how you treat your hair. If you routinely colour, relax, texturise, or heat style your tresses, then replenishing protein could be a game changer for you.
The result: your hair shaft looks and feels smooth instead of rough to the touch. When hair looks brittle and frizzes easily, chances are it's lacking protein. Even if your locks seem healthy enough despite these processes, a monthly or bi-monthly treatment will help keep them strong.

In conclusion

Although the season has changed, it doesn’t mean you can start slacking on taking care of your natural hair. The key to keeping a healthy hairstyle strong is to use the right products and take steps to prevent dehydration and breaking from occurring. With the right protective measures, your natural hair can have all of the thickness and bounce with none of the breakage. We certainly hope you utilise this helpful guide for creating the essential tips and tricks on how to best prepare your natural hair to be beautiful and lush for spring. It really is common sense but sometimes we forget to take good care of ourselves. Our hair is a very important part of our self-esteem and a reflection of our overall health. Even though we will have warmer, beautiful days, it’s still important to follow healthy hair care practices so you can continue to see growth.


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